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3D Rendering

3D Rendering


In this course, you will learn Keyshot and Vred, a 3D rendering tool for displaying realistic images based on 3D modeling data.



Learning Time


Number of lessons


4 courses


G Kim


Keywhot - Workflow


Keyshot BMW3.0CSL - Environments


Vred - Texturing


Vred Advanced

Career / Employment
Product designer
It is possible to work in companies or design studios as a designer of products produced in all industrial fields such as electronic devices, household appliances, toys and household goods. With Alias, you can develop your 3D skills as a designer, and you will have the ability to present your ideas to your desired product.
Transportation designer
You can work as a designer in transportation related companies such as car, bicycle, yacht and aircraft. If you learn Alias to become a designer of transportation equipment, you can easily work as a designer because the use of Alias is essential in the design of transportation equipment. It is possible to advance into design studios and agencies as well as manufacturing companies.
3D Modeler (Digital Designer)
You can be a 3D modeler through modeling of products or transportation equipment. You will be in charge of the process to get final design 3D Data from all industrial product manufacturing companies. From the role of developing designer 's idea to 3D, you can build data so that mass production condition or mold can be obtained to get final design data.

We recommend it to these people!

If you want to create a photo-like image in your portfolio
Create realistic images with Keyshot and Vred!

If you don't know what to do first!
Learn Keyshot and Vred from the basics of 3D rendering!

What you'll learn together!


- Getting Started with Keyshot [9 lessons]
- BMW 3.0 CSL Rendering [4 lessons]

Learning Time 2 weeks

Step 2. VRED

- Getting Started with Vred [8 lessons]
- Vred Advanced [4 lessons]

Learning Time 6 weeks

Take this course as follows!

2 hours

Take 30 minutes to an hour a day and repeat your training.
If you follow the lessons in order, you can create high quality images.


Upload your questions, images or files to the Ask a Question board for feedback.
You can improve your skills by improving your shortcomings one by one.

Lesson List

Getting Started with Keyshot

1. Workflow [5m]
2. Importing Model [9m]
3. Scene tree [7m]
4. Material [9m]
5. Environments [6m
6. Textures [6m]
7. Labels [12m]
8. Camera [9m]
9. Render [10m]

BMW 3.0 CSL Rendering

1. Import & Material [14m]
2. Environments [3m
3. Emblem & Tire Sidewall [10m]
4. Lighting [13m]

Getting Started with Vred

1. Interface [8m]
2. Import & Manipulating [9m]
3. Normal [7m]
4. Material [14m]
5. Wheel & Tire [13m]
6. Texturing [15m]
7. Ambient Occlusion [4m]
8. Environment & Render [8m]

Vred Advanced

1. Grouping [11m]
2. Running Car [21m]
3. Interactive Interface [25m]
4. Lighting [18m]

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