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3DRendering Curriculum

KEYSHOT & VRED 3D Rendering Course

This course is to learn about Keyshot & Vred, a tool for 3D rendering, which is a stage to output industrial products such as products, transportation equipment and automobiles as a single photorealistic image. Learn about rendering, basic methods, and the rendering process so you can quickly and efficiently output 3D data through Keyshot to realistic images. Finally, you can learn how to upgrade your rendered images through image correction.

Vred & Keyshot Tutor

"I've organized lessons that allows anyone to perform high quality realistic rendering using Keyshot & Vred, a fast and easy-to-use tool for outputting 3D data as the final rendered image in industrial design"

Gerrard Kim
  • Hyundai Kia Motors Exterior Designer
  • Graduated from Hongik University, Department of Industrial Design
  • Career / Employment

    Product designer
    It is possible to work in companies or design studios as a designer of products produced in all industrial fields such as electronic devices, household appliances, toys and household goods. With Alias, you can develop your 3D skills as a designer, and you will have the ability to present your ideas to your desired product.
    Transportation designer
    You can work as a designer in transportation related companies such as car, bicycle, yacht and aircraft. If you learn Alias to become a designer of transportation equipment, you can easily work as a designer because the use of Alias is essential in the design of transportation equipment. It is possible to advance into design studios and agencies as well as manufacturing companies.
    3D Modeler (Digital Designer)
    You can be a 3D modeler through modeling of products or transportation equipment. You will be in charge of the process to get final design 3D Data from all industrial product manufacturing companies. From the role of developing designer 's idea to 3D, you can build data so that mass production condition or mold can be obtained to get final design data.


    Getting Started with Keyshot
    01. Workflow
  • The process of learning about keyshot screen composition and basic interface.
  • 02. Importing Model
  • 3D Learn how to import a model into a keyshot and learn about the settings.
  • 03. Scene tree
  • Learn about scene tree and learn how to hide and move models.
  • 04. Meterial
  • The process of learning how to wear and set materials on a model.
  • 05. Environments
  • Learn how changes to your preferences change your reflection and set your background.
  • 06. Textures
  • How to texture and set the material and to make three-dimensional texture using bump.
  • 07. Labels
  • The process of putting a real image, logo, font on the material by putting on the label.
  • 08. Camera
  • How to set the screen to the desired view through the camera settings.
  • 09. Render
  • Learn how to set up render for image output.
  • BMW 3.0 csl rendering
    01. Import & Meterial
  • Importing the BMW 3.0 CSL modeling file and applying the basic materials.
  • 02. Environments
  • The process of changing the environments and adjusting the settings to implement the desired reflection.
  • 03. Emblem & Tire Sidewall
  • Using labels and textures to embroider images on emblems, number plates, and tires.
  • 04. Lighting
  • Using light material to create luminous effects of head lamps and rear lamps.
  • Getting Started with VRED
    01. Interface
  • Understanding screen components such as menu, Icon bar, and render view.
  • 02. Import & Manipulating
  • Understanding file import and basic operation of vred.
  • 03. Normal
  • Learn how to set the orientation of your surface.
  • 04. Material
  • The process of applying material to the model.
  • 05. Wheel & Tire
  • How to apply a tread pattern to a tire and apply material to a wheel.
  • 06. Texturing
  • How to apply images such as emblems, logos, and fonts to materials.
  • 07. Ambient Occlusion
  • How to apply ambient occlusion for realistic contrast.
  • 08. Environment & Render
  • How to apply environment and output Rendering image.
  • Vred Advanced
    01. Grouping
  • How to reset a group of tires and wheels to create an image of a running car.
  • 02. Running Car
  • How to create a car image using camera and curve editor.
  • 03. Interactive Interface
  • Using variant sets, clip maker, and curve editor to create interactive interfaces for presentations.
  • 04. Lighting
  • How to use light editor to create an image by adjusting light and reflection as desired.
  • Training time

    Total : 25 lessons
    Studying Time Suggested
  • Keyshot is very easy to program and can be done in a month. I recommend to repeat the course and practice.
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