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For car designers, product designers and industrial designers! Learn and train design skills essential to industrial design!

"Dream industrial designers anytime, anywhere"

LINEDRAW creates a world where everyone can learn industrial design, such as cars and products, anywhere. Students were able to learn industrial design such as automobiles, products, etc. only by going to a school with good environment through expensive education. Even if you enter a college, it is a reality to prepare for employment through a high cost academy.
LINEDRAW provides training content to anyone with a passion for car designers, product designers, and industrial designers to get the training they need. We provide educational content to help you.

"Sketch, Rendering, 3D Modeling and 3D Rendering"

Sketching, Photoshop rendering, 3D modeling and 3D rendering are essential skills to be an industrial designer. The design process proceeds in the above order. If you can do just one of these, you can not be a designer. It is the basic skills required for designers, so you should learn as much as possible. You can learn all of these skills in LINEDRAW, and you can train yourself repeatedly to make it your own.


G Kim

Hongik University / Industrial Design (BA)
Hyundai Design Scholarship NGV

Industry Experience
HyundaiKia Motors Exterior Designer
Hongik Univ. Industrial Design Instructor
Director of Design Academy LINEDRAW

"Why was LINEDARW created?"

While I was working as a designer at a company, I sometimes took a lecture on automotive design. Then the Design Academy was running for a while. I liked the fact that I helped my students through education. I was happy to see the students who achieved the results of interns, NGVs, and competition awards, but on the other hand, I felt skeptical. Students with parents who can afford to pay more than 500dollars a month made good results by paying money, but students who could not pay for tuition were not able to do so. I realized that it was an unfair education for a small number of students.

In the meantime, I found that by building an Internet lecture site, many students can enjoy educational benefits at a reasonable cost. Everyone was able to have an equal education opportunity wherever they are. So I decided to create an internet lecture site to learn industrial design. After work I made a website and the lesson videos, and finally I started LINEDRAW.

LINEDRAW Design E-Learning