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Alias Modeling

Alias Modeling


This course develops modeling capabilities to advance ideas into 3D by learning Autodesk Alias, a 3D tool for modeling industrial products such as automobiles and products, from basic to advanced levels.



Learning Time


Number of lessons


15 courses


G Kim


Surface Fillet & Ball Corner


SpeedformA - Create a round surface


Dyson Air Purifier Modeling


Audi TTS & Benz C-class

Career / Employment
3D Modeler (Digital Designer)
You can be a 3D modeler through modeling of products or transportation equipment. You will be in charge of the process to get final design 3D Data from all industrial product manufacturing companies. From the role of developing designer 's idea to 3D, you can build data so that mass production condition or mold can be obtained to get final design data.
Transportation designer
You can work as a designer in transportation related companies such as car, bicycle, yacht and aircraft. If you learn Alias to become a designer of transportation equipment, you can easily work as a designer because the use of Alias is essential in the design of transportation equipment. It is possible to advance into design studios and agencies as well as manufacturing companies.
Product designer
It is possible to work in companies or design studios as a designer of products produced in all industrial fields such as electronic devices, household appliances, toys and household goods. With Alias, you can develop your 3D skills as a designer, and you will have the ability to present your ideas to your desired product.

We recommend it to these people!

"If you want to become a car designer or a digital designer"
Use Alias to increase your ability to create 3D from sketches!

If you're new to 3D modeling and don't know what to do first!
Learn Alias from the ground up!

What you'll learn together!

Step 1. Alias Basic

- Getting Started with Alias [5 lessons]
- To understand Alias Tools [15 lessons]
- Alias Tip [4 lessons]

Learning time 1 weeks

Step 2. Understanding Alias

- Make a box with Alias [3 lessons]
- Speedform Modeling A&B [6 lessons]

Learning time 3 weeks

Step 3. Product Modeling

- Apple Mouse Modeling [4 lessons]
- Dyson Air Purifier Modeling [7 lessons]
- Wheel Modeling [4 lessons]

Learning time 8 weeks

Step 4. Transportation Modeling

- Audi TTS Modelling [46 lessons]
- Benz C-Class Modelling [12 lessons]
- Lotus-C01 Modelling [41 lessons]

Learning time 24 weeks

Take this course as follows!

2 hours

Before you take a lesson, look at the completed image and create it in advance.
After taking a lesson, you can improve your skill by recreating it.


Upload your questions, images or files to the Ask a Question board for feedback.
You can improve your skills by improving your shortcomings one by one.

Lesson List

Getting Started with Alias

1. Understanding screen Configuration & Interface [10m]
2. Understanding CV, Curve, Surface [8m]
3. Understanding Position, Tangent, Curvature [5m]
4. To set Marking menu and Hotkey [6m]
5. Layer [13m]

To understand Alias Tools

1. Draw Curve - Pick, Transform & Snap [15m]
2. Make Skin Surface [12m]
3. Make Rail Surface [8m]
4. Understanding Cos & Surface Trim with Project, Intersect [9m]
5. Making round using Align [6m]
6. Making round using Freeform Blend [15m]
7. Cut curve using Curve section [5m]
8. Making surface thickness with Offset [5m]
9. CV control with Transform CV [8m]
10. Make Square Surface [6m]
11. Surface Fillet & Ball Corner [6m]
12. Blend Curve [6m]
13. Duplicate [3m]
14. Stretch [3m]
15. Visible, Invisible, Hide unselected [3m]

Make a box with Alias

1. Create a box using Curve [18m]
2. Create a box using Surface [10m]
3. Create a box using Tool [9m]

Speedform Modeling A&B

1. 2 ways to make surface [7m]
[Assignment] SpeedformA - Create a model
2. SpeedformA - Create a basic surface [20m]
3. SpeedformA - Create a round surface [12m]
4. SpeedformA - Detail surface [19m]
[Assignment] SpeedformB - Create a model
5. SpeedformB - Curve drawing [7m]
6. SpeedformB - Surface [21m]

Apple Mouse Modeling

1. Curve Drawing [13m]
2. Surface [32m]
3. Parting & Round [12m]
4. Detail Parts [24m]

Dyson Air Purifier Modeling

1. Curve Drawing [21m]
2. Surface [34m]
3. Detail Surface [14m]
4. Air Intake [16m]
5. Hatch [31m]
6. Round [30m]
7. Round – Hatch [19m]

Wheel Modeling

1. Curve Drawing [54m]
2. Surface [75m]
3. Round Surface [70m]
4. Rendering [12m]

Audi TTS Modeling 1 - Curve Drawing

1. Dimension Setting [15m]
2. 2D Curve - Zero L [19m]
3. 3D Curve - Upper parts [28m]
4. 3D Curve - Wheel arch [6m]
5. 3D Curve - Front & Rear [32m]
6. 3D Curve - Lower parts [13m]

Audi TTS Modeling 2 - Body Surface

1. Glass & Roof [10m]
2. Hood & Trunk lid [12m]
3. Front & Rear [18m]
4. Pillar & Side glass [18m]
5. Shoulder [24m]
6. Side surface [9m]
7. Connecting Rear and Side [21m]
8. Connecting Front and Side [29m]
9. Headlamp outer [27m]
10. Rearlamp & Trunk lid [21m]
11. Rear Number plate [6m]
12. Front bumper [43m]
13. Rear bumper [17m]
14. Side skirt [4m]
15. Side surface finish [19m]
16. Rear surface finish [6m]
17. Front surface finish [29m]

Audi TTS Modeling 3 - Detail Parts

1. Intake bar [8m]
2. Radiator grille [37m]
3. Grille round [18m]
4. Front Number plate [18m]
5. Grille bar [33m]
6. Grille bar round [19m]
7. Grille vertical bar [3m]
8. Grille T-rig [23m]
9. Skid plate base [8m]
10. Skid plate Curve [15m]
11. Skid plate Surface [28m]
12. Muffler [13m]

Audi TTS Modeling 4 - Lamp & Parting

01. Fog base [13m]
02. Fog border [24m]
03. Fog bar [23m]
04. Headlamp room [6m]
05. Headlamp DRL [20m]
06. Rearlamp room [5m]
07. Rearlamp Tail [28m]
08. Parting line - Windshield [9m]
09. Parting line - Rear glass [18m]
10. Parting line - Door & Trunk [26m]
11. Parting line - Panel & Lamp [11m]

Benz C-Class Modeling

1. Dimension [23m]
2. Side Curve Drawing [31m]
3. 3D Curve [104m]
4. ZeroL Surface [50m]
5. Pillar & Shoulder [82m]
6. Side Surface [37m]
7. Rear Surface [69m]
8. Front Surface [68m]
9. Front Bumper [92m]
10. Side Skirt [29m]
11. Number Plate [8m]
12. Surface Finishing [45m]

LOTUS C-01 Modeling 1 - Proportion

1. Dimension setting [5m]
2. Zero L curve [32m]
3. 3D curve [17m]
4. Body surface [21m]
5. Windshield [9m]
6. Seat surface [20m]
7. Tire [10m]

LOTUS C-01 Modeling 2 - Surface

1. Body-character line [22m]
2. Body-front [18m]
3. Body-side [20m]
4. Body-rear [27m]
5. Front wheel [27m]
6. Rear wheel [16m]
7. Front wheel axis [16m]
8. Rear wheel axis [12m]
9. Front suspension cover [11m]
10. Front suspension [16m]
11. Swing arm [19m]
12. Swing arm - detail [21m]
13. Rear suspension mount [15m]
14. Rear suspension [24m]
15. Rear suspension - spring [9m]

LOTUS C-01 Modeling 3 - Detail Parts

1. Front disk [18m]
2. Rear disk [13m]
3. Front caliper [38m]
4. Rear caliper [39m]
5. Steering head [19m]
6. Grip [22m]
7. Brake lever [24m]
8. Lever mount [21m]
9. Side mirror [7m]
10. Layer foldering [3m]
11. Front fender [8m]
12. Fuel cap [14m]
13. EngineMuffler base [14m]
14. EngineMuffler [18m]

15. Air outtake [27m]
16. Air outtake-garnish [8m]
17. Foot step [25m]
18. Seat cushion [32m]
19. Tire Tread [20m]

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