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Car Sketch

Car Sketch


This course develops modeling capabilities to advance ideas into 3D by learning Autodesk Alias, a 3D tool for modeling industrial products such as automobiles and products, from basic to advanced levels.



Learning Time


Number of lessons


13 courses


G Kim


Basic theory of Car Design


Understanding of car perspective


SUV Color Rendering


Jaguar Side Rendering

Career / Employment
Car designer
You can work as a designer in car manufacturing companies and car design studios. After employment, you can be an exterior designer, an interior designer, a color material designer, a concept designer, or a design planner. Car sketching is the most important and essential skill for car designers. You can perform from advanced design work to design work for mass production.
Transportation designer
You can work as a designer in transportation related companies such as car, bicycle, yacht and aircraft. If you learn Alias to become a designer of transportation equipment, you can easily work as a designer because the use of Alias is essential in the design of transportation equipment. It is possible to advance into design studios and agencies as well as manufacturing companies.
Product designer
When you learn automotive design, you can work as a product designer because you have more sketch ability than regular designers. It is possible to work in companies and design studios as a designer of products manufactured in all industrial fields such as electronic devices and household appliances, toys and household goods. You have the ability to present your ideas in the form of a product you want.

We recommend it to these people!

If you want to be a car designer!
Car sketching is an essential step to becoming a car designer!

From pen sketches to Photoshop rendering!
Learn how to sketch car from beginning to end!

What you'll learn together!

Step 1. Car Sketch Basic

- Practice pen sketch [9 lessons]
- Basic theory of Car Design [5 lessons]
- Understanding of car perspective [4 lessons]
- Start Car sketch [3 lessons]

Learning time 4 weeks

Step 2. Photoshop Basic

- Getting Started with Photoshop [4 lessons]
- Understanding Photoshop Tools [12 lessons]
- Shade & Materials [3 lessons]

Learning time 1 weeks

Step 3. Rendering Basic

- Car parts sketch [6 lessons]
- Basic Car Rendering [7 lessons]
- SUV Color Rendering [11 lessons]

Learning time 6 weeks

Step 4. Rendering Training

- Small car Sketch & Rendering [7 lessons]
- SUV Sketch & Rendering [7 lessons]
- Car color rendering demo [3 lessons]

Learning time 12 weeks

Take this course as follows!

2 hours

Take 30 minutes to an hour a day and repeat your training.
Draw repeatedly to improve your skills.


Upload your questions, images or files to the Ask a Question board for feedback.
You can improve your skills by improving your shortcomings one by one.

Lesson List

Practice pen sketch

1. Box Sketch exercise [14m]
2. Cylinder Sketch exercise [17m]
3. Box Sketch - Proportion & Round Adjustment [17m]
4. Mouse form Sketch [15m]
5. Speedform Sketch [18m]
6. Product Round [19m]
7. Expression utilizing line contrast [18m]
8. Cut line, Detail, Two-tone [15m]
9. Light & Shadow [17m]

Basic theory of Car Design

1. Car Exterior Terminology [15m]
2. Understanding Surface of Car Exterior [18m]
3. Proportion of segments [15분]
4. Stance [18m]
5.Future Concept Keyword [14m]

Understanding of car perspective

1. Purpose of Car sketching [14m]
2. Front quarter view [18m]
3. Rear quarter view [15m]
4. Side quarter view [12m]

Start Car sketch

1. Side view Sketch [46m]
2. Front quarter Sketch [49m]
3. Rear quarter Sketch [43m]

Getting Started with Photoshop

1. Understanding screen Configurations and Interfaces [6m]
2. Set up Canvas [5m]
3. Set up Brush [6m]
4. Understanding Layer [7m]

Understanding Photoshop Tools

1. Moving objects with the Move tool [4m]
2. Selecting specific areas with Marquee & Lasso tool [8m]
3. Fill the selection with color [4m]
4. Selection Inverse [2m]
5. Using the Pen tool [9m]
6. Quickly change color with Eyedropper tool [3m]

7. Tone / Color adjustment using Hue / Saturation [7m]
8. Rotating the canvas with the Rotate tool [3m]
9. Easily draw curves with Rixel Aspect Ratio [5m]
10. Using Free Transform [4m]
11. Adjusting the screen size with the Crop tool [2m]
12. Unlocking a locked image with Rasterize [6m]

Shade & Materials

1. Light & Shade [13m]
2. Cylinder - Materials [7m]
3. Box - Materials [4m]

Car parts sketch

1. Wheel Sketch [69m]
2. Wheel Rendering [78m]
3. Side Mirror Sketch [34m]
4. Side Mirror Rendering [61m]
5. Muffler Sketch [32m]
6. Muffler Rendering [72m]

Basic Car Rendering

1. Side view Render - step1 [20m]
2. Side view Render - step2 [20m]
3. Side view Render - step3 [16m]
4. Front quarter Render - step1 [19m]
5. Front quarter Render - step2 [19m]
6. Front quarter Render - step3 [20m]
7. Front quarter Render - step4 [27m]

SUV Color Rendering

1. Silhouette & Two-tone [19m]
2. Light & Shade [5m]
3. Detail Surface [9m]
4. Body Color & Wheel [6m]
5. Detail Surface (Two-tone) [18m]
6. Reflection & Highlight [29m]
7. Chrome & Lamp [15m]
8. Emblem [7m]
9. Tire & Side mirror [9m]
10. Parting line [5m]
11. Background [4m]

Small car Sketch & Rendering

1. Side Sketch [39m]
2. Front quarter Sketch [55m]
3. Rear quarter Sketch [64m]
4. Side Rendering [77m]
5. Front quarter Rendering [99m]
6. Rear quarter Rendering [80m]
7. Rear quarter Color Rendering [14m]

SUV Sketch & Rendering

1. Side Sketch [44m]
2. Front quarter Sketch [39m]
3. Rear quarter Sketch [44m]
4. Side Rendering [86m]
5. Front quarter Rendering [114m]
6. Rear quarter Rendering [94m]
7. Front quarter Color Rendering [17m]

Car color rendering demo

1. Ferrari Front Rendering [17m]
2. Jaguar Front Rendering [20m]
3. Jaguar Side Rendering [24m]

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