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Is this your first time?

What do I need to learn to become an industrial designer?

The most important ability to become an industrial designer to design products, cars, interiors, spaces, etc. is my ideas and to visualize them. In LINEDRAW, you can learn most of the process from idea sketches to 3D rendering. As a designer, you need to understand the entire process below and organize it into a portfolio.


I don't know which lesson to take first!

You can choose the curriculum you want from product sketch, car sketch, alias modeling, and keyshot rendering. Students who are just learning industrial design are encouraged to start product sketches first. By mastering the product sketch curriculum, you can develop the ability to freely express any design in any field. When you master the sketch, then learn modeling and 3D rendering curriculum.

Step 1

Concept - idea thinking

Step 2

Idea sketch

Step 3

2D rendering

Step 4

3D modelling

Step 5

3D rendering

Do I have to listen to all the lessons?

You only need to take what you need in sketching & rendering, 3D modeling and 3D rendering. Fundamentally, the design process requires knowledge of all processes, but students who have already learned sketch and render can take 3D modeling and 3D rendering curriculum. Students who want to start for the first time must master the sketch curriculum before modeling. However, students aiming 3D modelers from the beginning can take the 3D modeling curriculum.

Can I download the original files of the sketches or modeling included in the lesson?

We provide sample files and lesson material files that you can refer to while taking LINEDRAW lessons. Basically, you can take a course without a file, but you can take advantage of the original PSD file used in the lesson and alias file, drawing, image file and so on. See the files provided by LINEDRAW to improve your skills faster! (The modeling completion file is not provided because it may reduce the willingness to take classes.)
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