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Product Sketch

Product Sketch


This course consists of lectures to develop the ability to visualize ideas by developing into sketches and Photoshop rendering based on theories related to perspective, form, and light to develop the ability to visualize ideas in industrial design.



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11 courses


G Kim


How to use sketch lines


Water purifier sketch


Brush Setting


Product photoshop rendering - Earphone

Career / Employment
IT · Mobile device designer
You can work in a number of companies and design agencies that manufacture IT-related devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and smart watches. Due to the development of IT technology, many related companies are emerging at home and abroad, and many related devices have been poured in unlimited times, and the idea of designers to successfully lead differentiation of products is becoming important.
Home Appliances Design
You can work as a small and medium sized company or design studio that manufactures many small appliances such as dryers, coffee machines, water purifiers and cameras as well as large household appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners. There are many different products, but designers' ideas and sketch expressions are important in common, so if you have these skills, you can design any product.
Household goods designer
You can work as a designer of products used in almost all daily life such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room. In modern society, the number of products that people use is numerous, and product designers can do the job of designing these various products. It is possible to advance into designers such as household goods, packages or containers for packaging, and interior accessories.

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"What do I need to start with to become an industrial designer?"
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You want to express your ideas in sketches!
If you hard to do it.

What you'll learn together!

Step 1. Sketch Basic

- Design Sketch Basic [4 lessons]
- Understanding Perspective [3 lessons]
- Practice pen sketch [9 lessons]

Learning time 3 weeks

Step 2. Product Sketch

- Product Structure - Cylinder [4 lessons]
- Product Structure - Cube [5 lessons]
- Product Pen Sketch - Practice [4 lessons]

Learning time 6 weeks

Step 3. Photoshop Rendering

- Getting Started with Photoshop [4 lessons]
- Understanding Photoshop Tools [12 lessons]
- Product Photoshop Sketch [5 lessons]
- Shade & Materials [3 lessons]
- Product Photoshop rendering [5 lessons]

Learning time 8 weeks

Take this course as follows!

2 hours

Take 30 minutes to an hour a day and repeat your training.
Draw repeatedly to improve your skills.


Upload your questions, images or files to the Ask a Question board for feedback.
You can improve your skills by improving your shortcomings one by one.

Lesson List

Design Sketch Basic

1. Understanding of Four-sided views [12m]
2. How to draw sketch lines [7m]
3. practice - Line [4m]
4. practice - Circle [3m]
[Assignment] Practice line & circle

Understanding Perspective

1. 1 · 2 · 3 Point Perspective [12m]
2. Degree of Perspective [12m]
3. Proportional to Perspective [10m]

Practice pen sketch

1. Box Sketch exercise [14m]
2. Cylinder Sketch exercise [17m]
3. Box Sketch - Proportion & Round Adjustment [17m]
4. Mouse form Sketch [15m]
5. Speedform Sketch [18m]
6. Product Round [19m]
7. Expression utilizing line contrast [18m]
8. Cut line, Detail, Two-tone [15m]
9. Light & Shadow [17m]

Product Structure - Cylinder

1. Bluetooth Speaker [10m]
2. Stand Lighting [12m]
3. Dyson Fan [12m]
4. Dispenser [16m]

Product Structure - Cube

1. Toaster [19m]
2. Action Cam [17m]
3. Milk carton [13m]
4. Camera [20m]
5. Water purifier [20m]

Product Pen Sketch - Practice

1. Smartphone [36m]
2. Air cleaner [35m]
3. Electric port [45m]
4. Speaker [42m]

Getting Started with Photoshop

1. Understanding screen Configurations and Interfaces [6m]
2. Set up Canvas [5m]
3. Set up Brush [6m]
4. Understanding Layer [7m]

Understanding Photoshop Tools

1. Moving objects with the Move tool [4m]
2. Selecting specific areas with Marquee & Lasso tool [8m]
3. Fill the selection with color [4m]
4. Selection Inverse [2m]
5. Using the Pen tool [9m]
6. Quickly change color with Eyedropper tool [3m]
7. Tone / Color adjustment using Hue / Saturation [7m]
8. Rotating the canvas with the Rotate tool [3m]
9. Easily draw curves with Rixel Aspect Ratio [5m]
10. Using Free Transform [4m]
11. Adjusting the screen size with the Crop tool [2m]
12. Unlocking a locked image with Rasterize [6m]

Product Photoshop Sketch

1. Usb Memory [40m]
2. Smart Phone [40m]
3. Toaster [38m]
4. Earphone [37m]
5. Hair dryer [43m]

Shade & Materials

1. Light & Shade [13m]
2. Cylinder - Materials [7m]
3. Box - Materials [4m]

Product photoshop rendering

1. Usb Memory [58m]
2. Smart Phone [53m]
3. Toaster [53m]
4. Earphone [47m]
5. Hair dryer [57m]

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