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Alias Modeling – Audi TTS

This course is for Intermediates who want to modeling cars with Alias. Learn about the tools you need to build a car and learn how to build your car step-by-step through Audi TTS modeling.

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Course description

WHO should learn?

It is necessary for university students who major in industrial design and want to learn 3D modeling. Or to become a professional 3D modeler.

WHAT will you learn?

It’s the process of modeling a car after learning the modeling of products, cars, single items, and so on. Based on the Audi TTS which is the most basic surface model, you can systematically learn from the beginning of the car modeling to the final finish.

Dimension Setting
Length: 14m
How to set the size and four section of the vehicle based on the package
3D Curve Drawing
Length: 96m
Process of creating a curve by referring to the drawings in the front view, rear view, side view, and top view and creating it as a 3D curve
Zero L Surface
Length: 39m
Process of building the surface of Zero L, the outline in the side view
Pillar & Shoulder
Length: 41m
Process of building the pillar part from the front to the rear to the Zero L surface and building the shoulder of the bottom of the side glass
Side Surface
Length: 58m
How to build a Fender surface that represents the volume of the Side Surface and links to the Wheel Arch
Lamp Surface
Length: 54m
Process of building the lamp surface considering the connectivity between the side surface and the Zero L surface
Bumper Surface
Length: 69m
Linking the hood to the tail surface to create the bumper surface in both side view, top view, and right view
Detail Surface
Length: 64m
Process of building and finalizing surfaces in unfinished parts
Length: 73m
Building a Radiator Grille outline chrome border and number plate
Grille Bar
Length: 80m
Process of building a vertical bar and a horizontal bar inside the Radiator Grille
Skid plate
Length: 64m
Process of building the Skid Plate and Muffler at the bottom of the Rear Bumper
Front Fog
Length: 59m
Process of building the basic surface of the Front Fog part and building the bar detail part
Lamp detail
Length: 59m
Process of building the DRL of the head lamp and the tail light of the RearCombi Lamp which are the points in design
Parting line
Length: 63m
How to effectively finish the parting line to proceed with 3D rendering
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