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Alias modelling – Benz C-Class

This course is for Intermediates who want to modeling cars with Alias. Learn about the tools you need to build your car and learn how to build your car step-by-step through Benz C-Class modeling.

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Course description

WHO should learn?

It is necessary for university students who major in industrial design and want to learn 3D modeling. Or to become a professional 3D modeler.

WHAT will you learn?

It’s the process of modeling a basic car, then modeling a complex car. Based on the Mercedes C-Class model, you can systematically learn how to understand and modeling complex surfaces.

Length: 23m
How to set the size and four sections of the car based on the package
Side Curve Drawing
Length: 31m
Process of creating a curve based on a side view
3D Curve
Length: 104m
Process of drawing a Curve from a side view into a 3D Curve
ZeroL Surface
Length: 50m
Process of building the surface of Zero L, the outline in the side view
Pillar & Shoulder
Length: 82m
Process of building the pillar part from the front to the rear to the Zero L surface and building the shoulder of the bottom of the side glass
Side Surface
Length: 37m
How to build a Fender Surface that represents the volume of the Side Surface and links to the Wheel Arch with reference to the picture
Rear Surface
Length: 69m
Build the basic surface of the Rear Combi part and build the Fender part that connects from the Front Bumper to the side
Front Surface
Length: 68m
Process of building the basic surface of the front part such as head lamp, grille periphery, Fender surface
Front Bumper
Length: 92m
Process of finishing the front bumper part based on the built-in basic surface
Side Skirt
Length: 29m
Process of finishing the Skirt part and the Wheel Arch part of the side surface
Number Plate
Length: 8m
Process of building the basic surface of the trunk part to which the number plate is attached
Surface Finishing
Length: 45m
Process of finishing surface of a pillar, Fender, Round
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