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To understand Alias tools

This course is for beginners who want to learn Alias modeling.Learn about the essential tools for Alias modeling.

Course description

WHO should learn?

It is necessary for university students who major in industrial design and want to learn 3D modeling. Or to become a professional 3D modeler.

WHAT will you learn?

This course is to learn how to use Alias to model products and cars. You can learn how to utilize the necessary menus and tools for 3D modeling.

Draw Curve – Pick, Transform & Snap
Length: 15m
How to create and transform curves using pick and transform tools and how to snap curves
Make Skin Surface
Length: 12m
Understanding how to create skin surface by connecting curve and curve facing each other
Make Rail Surface
Length: 8m
How to create a rail surface by changing options depending on the relationship between curve and curve
Understanding Cos & Surface Trim with Project, Intersect
Length: 9m
Learn about Cos (Curve On Surface), create COS using Project, Intersect, and cut surface using Trim
Making Round Using Align
Length: 6m
How to round out the edges using the Align tool at the corner where the surface and surface meet
Making Round Using Freeform Blend
Length: 15m
How to round the corners where the surface and surface meet using the Freeform Blend tool
Cut curve using Curve section
Length: 5m
How to cut curves using the Curve Section tool based on the intersection of curves and curves
Making surface thickness with offset
Length: 5m
How to make the thickness of the surface to represent the modeling realistically using the Offset tool
CV control with Transform CV
Length: 7m
How to control the Cv elements that make up the surface using the Transform CV tool
Make Square Surface
Length: 6m
How to create 4-sided Surface using square tool
Surface Fillet & Ball Corner
Length: 6m
How to make Round Surface using Surface Fillet & Ball Corner tool
Blend Curve
Length: 6m
Using the blend curve tool to easily create curves with rounded corners.
Length: 3m
How to extract curves from surface and cos using Duplicate tool.
Length: 3m
How to move curves while maintaining the properties of curves using the Stretch tool.
Visible, Invisible, Hide unselected
Length: 3m
How to hide or show Objects using Visible, Invisible and Hide unselected tool.
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