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Basic Car Rendering

This course is for students who want to learn car rendering. Learn the process of car rendering step-by-step and how to render a car realistically with Photoshop Rendering.

Course description

WHO should learn?

It is necessary for university students who want to major in car design or just started their major courses.

WHAT will you learn?

It is a course to learn how to render after basic training on car sketch. You can learn how to complete the rendering step-by-step based on the side view and the quarter view.

Side view render – step1
Length: 20m
Process of expressing Zero L, two-tone black and large form representation based on the sketch of basic design
Side view render – step2
Length: 20m
Expressing highlights and detail side
Side view render – step3
Length: 16m
Improving the completeness through the expression of metal texture and detail parts
Front quarter render – step1
Length: 19m
Process of confirming proportions by expressing the two-tone black parts such as large shape, glass, and wheel
Front quarter render – step2
Length: 16m
Process of creating a realistic feel by expressing highlights and details
Front quarter render – step3
Length: 20m
How to emphasize the sense of form and make sense of texture by expressing reflection
Front quarter render – step4
Length: 27m
Finishing the process with perfection by detailing chrome, side mirrors and etc
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