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Dyson Air Purifier Modeling

This course is for beginners who want to start modeling with Alias. You can learn about the step-by-step process of modeling with alias through air purifier modeling and how to finalize the finished product.

Course description

WHO should learn?

It is a necessary course for students who want to learn Alias. Recommended for college students majoring in industrial design and want to learn 3D modeling.

WHAT will you learn?

This is the process of modeling the overall modeling of industrial products by modeling Dyson air purifier. You can systematically learn the step-by-step process of modeling.

Curve Drawing
Length: 21m
Creating curves with front view and photographs and creating them as 3D curves
Length: 34m
The process of observing a photo and building a basic surface to complete a large shape
Detail Surface
Length: 14m
Creating detail surfaces such as buttons and parting lines
Air Intake
Length: 16m
Process of making Mesh pattern of Air Intake part by using Surface Array tool
Length: 31m
Using the Construction Plane tool to create a detail surface of the hatch part
Length: 30m
Process of applying basic round by using Surface Fillet and Freeform blend tool
Round – Hatch
Length: 34m
The process of finishing the modeling by applying basic round to the hatch part
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