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Getting Started with Photoshop

This course is for beginners who want to learn Photoshop sketch and rendering . Learn about basic tools and screen organization for Photoshop sketch.


Course description

WHO should learn?

It is necessary for university students who want to major in car design or just started their major courses. It is also recommended for art students who want to learn digital drawing using Photoshop.

WHAT will you learn?

This course is about how to use Photoshop for digital drawing and design sketch. You can learn about the screen layout and basic settings for starting sketch and drawing.

Understanding screen configurations and interfaces
Length: 6m
Understanding the basic screen layout and mouse and keyboard interface of Photoshop including menu bar, option bar, and palette
Set up Canvas
Length: 8m
How to set up a Canvas for sketching
Set up Brush
Length: 6m
How to set up and import Brush, the basic tool for sketching
Understanding Layer
Length: 7m
Understanding layers essential for using Photoshop quickly and effectively
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