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BMW 3.0 csl Rendering

This course is for beginners who want to start rendering. You can learn how to express material and environment realistically with keyshot rendering by embedding it in car 3D modeling data.

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Course description

WHO should learn?

It is necessary for students majoring in industrial design. It is a must for students who want to progress 3D rendering to make portfolio.

WHAT will you learn?

We will make a 3D rendering with BMW 3.0 CSL model’s data. It is a course that helps you to develop your ability to express realistically by putting texture, environment, etc. for car rendering and creating an image for your portfolio.

Import & Meterial
Length: 14m
Importing the BMW 3.0 CSL modeling file and applying the basic materials
Length: 3m
The process of changing the Environments and adjusting the settings to implement the desired reflection
Emblem & Tire Sidewall
Length: 10m
Using labels and textures to embroider images on emblems, number plates, and tires
Length: 13m
Using Light Meterial to create luminous effects of head lamps and rear lamps
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