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Understanding Photoshop Tools

This course is for Beginners who want to learn Photoshop sketch and rendering. Learn about the essential tools for Photoshop sketching.


Course description

WHO should learn?

It is necessary for university students who want to major in product design or just started their major courses. It is also recommended for art students who want to learn digital drawing using Photoshop.

WHAT will you learn?

This course is about how to use Photoshop for digital drawing and design sketch. You can learn how to use menu and tools in practice by utilizing the necessary for sketching and drawing.

Moving Objects with the Move Tool
Length: 4m
Understanding how to use the Move Tool to move objects
Selecting specific areas with Marquee & Lasso Tool
Length: 8m
Understanding how to use Marquee & Lasso Tool when selecting specific parts
Fill the selection with color.
Length: 4m
How to fill colors with Foreground or Background color while the selection is active
Selection inverse
Length: 2m
How to select invert to a non-selected part while a specific part is selected
Using the Pen Tool
Length: 9m
How to use the Pen Tool to accurately line like a ruler
Quickly change color with Eyedropper Tool
Length: 3m
Using the Eyedropper Tool to quickly change colors
Tone / color adjustment using Hue / Saturation
Length: 7m
How to use Hue / Saturation Tool to quickly adjust tone / color / brightness
Rotating the Canvas with the Rotate Tool
Length: 2m
Sketching a line by rotating the canvas as you rotate the paper
Easily organize curves with Pixel Aspect Ratio
Length: 5m
Easily calibrate long curves like side characters using Pixel Aspect Ratio
Using Free Transform
Length: 4m
How to compensate for misalignment or morphology or perspective with various functions of Free Transform
Adjusting the Screen Size with the Crop Tool
Length: 2m
How to adjust the size of the Canvas using the Crop Tool
Unlocking a locked image with Rasterize
Length: 6m
Understanding Rasterize to Modify Images Imported into a Canvas by Dragging from a Folder
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