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Practice pen Sketch

This course is for beginners who want to learn a design sketch. It is a design sketch training course for beginners who want to become a designer.

Course description

WHO should learn?

It is necessary for students who want to major in industrial design or who just started their major course. Or it is recommended for art students who want to learn sketches.

WHAT will you learn?

You can learn basic theories and methods in design sketches. You can learn how to train a design sketch through box and mouse form sketches, and learn how to diversify your form using proportions and rounds.

Practice – Line
Length: 4m
How to train a straight line drawing that is the basis of a sketch
Practice – Circle
Length: 3m
How to train a circle drawing that is the basis of a sketch
Box sketch exercise
Length: 14m
How to practice perspective box sketch by structure, symmetry, perspective, and point of view
Cylinder sketch exercise
Length: 17m
How to Structurally Sketch a Cylinder in a Perspective View
Box Sketch – Proportional & Round Adjustment
Length: 17m
How to adjust the proportions and rounds of boxes to develop them into various forms
Mouse form sketch
Length: 15m
How to sketch structured mouse models and develop them into various shapes
Product round
Length: 19m
Learn some ways to apply round faces to the edges of your product
Expression according to brightness of the line
Length: 18m
Expression according to the brightness of the line
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