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Product Photoshop Rendering

This course is for Intermediate who wants to learn product rendering. You can learn how to use photoshop rendering to create realistic images using materials and shapes based on product sketches.

Course description

WHO should learn?

This course is necessary for students majoring in product design. This is required for students who wish to make product rendering to portfolio creation.

WHAT will you learn?

This course is on how to render a sketch based on some examples. It helps you to form a portfolio by highlighting color, texture, and shape on the product sketch that shows form and structure, and expressing it as realistic rendering.

Usb Memory
Length: 40m
Rendering Usb Memory in Photoshop and understanding the texture and shape by light
Smart Phone
Length: 53m
Process of rendering a smart phone which is a combination of cube and cylinder in Photoshop
Length: 53m
How to express basic Toaster shape and add texture and detail
Length: 47m
Rendering the earphone made of rubber and metal into Photoshop
Hair dryer
Length: 57m
Process of expressing shape of hair dryer and expressing details and rendering it
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