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Product Sketch Basic – Cylinder Objects

This course is for beginners who want to start a design sketch. You can understand the structure of still objects based on the cylinder and learn about the changes in shape according to various points of view.

Course description

WHO should learn?

It is necessary for university students who want to major in industrial design or who just started their major course. This course is essential for students who want to learn the basics of product sketching.

WHAT will you learn?

After completing basic sketching exercises, you can systematically learn product sketches. Sketch a few products with cylindrical or spherical structures and learn how to shape and sketch structurally

Stainless cup
Length: 27m
Sketch a stainless cup with a basic cylindrical structure at various points of view
Wine glass
Length: 28m
Understanding the change of shape according to the structure and the viewpoint using the cylinder
Length: 25m
Understanding and expressing the structure of a bulb that has a complex form of sphere and cylinder
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