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Shade & Materials

This course is for beginners who want to learn a design sketch. It is a basic theory of design rendering for beginners.

Course description

WHO should learn?

It is necessary for students who want to major in industrial design or who just studied their major course. Or it is recommended for art students who want to learn sketches.

WHAT will you learn?

You can learn basic light, contrast, and various texture expressions required for design rendering. To render a design, you need to know how to express light and shade. In this course, you will learn about the theory of light and shade and learn how to apply various materials.

Box – Light & Shade
Length: 13m
How to express the contrast of boxes and volume boxes according to the direction of light
Cylinder – Materials
Length: 7m
Learn the contrast of the cylinder by light and how to express various materials
Box – Materials
Length: 4m
How to express light and shade in volume cubes with various materials
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