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SUV Color Rendering

This lesson is for Intermediate who wants to learn car rendering. You can understand the overall process of car rendering and learn the essential elements that need to be expressed step by step in rendering.

Course description

WHO should learn?

This course is for students who want to deepen their understanding of car sketching and rendering while majoring in car design.

WHAT will you learn?

It is the process of the SUV rendering step by step based on the training on the car design sketch. In the rear quarter view of the SUV, you can systematically learn the whole process of rendering with basic contrast, detail, color, reflection, and detail parts.

Silhouette & Two-tone
Length: 19m
The process of expressing body silhouette and two-tone black part in sketch
Light & Shade
Length: 5m
How to express light and shade along the direction of light
Detail Surface
Length: 9m
How to express in detail while maintaining great contrast
Body Color & Wheel
Length: 6m
Apply color to body and put wheels
Detail Surface (Two-tone)
Length: 18m
Process of expressing detail surface such as molding of black two-tone part, ceramics
Reflection & Highlight
Length: 29m
How to express reflections and highlights in bright areas
Chrome & Lamp
Length: 15m
How to draw chrome garnishes, skid plates, side glasses, bumpers, skirts, etc
Length: 7m
How to set up an emblem as a brush and use it to quickly insert an emblem
Tire & Side mirror
Length: 9m
The process of rendering tires, tire treads, and side mirrors
Parting line
Length: 5m
The process of improving the completeness by drawing the door and trunk parting lines
Length: 4m
The process of enhancing the completeness by applying background and background
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