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Wheel Modeling

This course is for beginners who want to start car modeling with Alias. Learn about the Alias tools to build car wheels and how to make them step by step.

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Course description

WHO should learn?

It is necessary for university students who major in industrial design and want to learn 3D modeling. Or to become a professional 3D modeler.

WHAT will you learn?

This is the process of modeling Wheel, one of the most important items in cars. Wheel modeling allows you to learn the modeling senses and systematically learn the modeling steps.

Curve Drawing
Length: 54m
Set up a Photoshop rendering image based on the side view and create a curve to fit the image
Length: 75m
Process of building the surface using the Revolve tool based on the Curve created
Round Surface
Length: 70m
Round the surface of all corners to complete the modeling process
Length: 12m
Process of rendering with a two-tone wheel design, coloring and setting the texture
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