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User Guide

How to register?

You can easily register as a member by selecting "Member Registration" from the top menu of the homepage. Line draw is possible with minimal information. [Name, ID, Email address, Password]

How do I take LINEDRAW lessons?

Watch free lessons

Top Menu - Course Introduction - You can take free lessons and sample lessons on the free lesson page.

Watch membership lessons

Learners! LINEDRAW lessons can not be taken individually. If you want to take classes, please purchase the LINEDRAW membership ticket ^^
Apply for the course> Select the membership and click "Buy"> Shopping cart> Accept the Terms and Buy
Now you can take lessons!
Please click on "Paid course" in "My course" in the top menu. You will see a complete list of courses. Now, click on the course you want to take and click on "Start taking this Course", then you can watch lessons!
For all courses, please click "Start taking this Course" in the course available before the course starts. The course you clicked automatically appears in my course. Now all that's left is to do it!

If you want to get feedback from tutor?

When you do your own sketching and modeling work, you have a lot of questions, such as whether I am doing well or what my problems are. Stop worrying about it! You can ask your tutor anytime by clicking the "feedback" menu on the LINEDRAW homepage. If you put it together with the work, you can get more detailed answer.

Where do I ask questions about using the site?

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at [Help center - Contact]. Ask any questions! Doesn't matter what the lecture is for me, what kind of lecture I should take for my goal, and what level of my design is. We will solve your questions in a very short time.
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